‘Illusion of Life and Death’

a book by Kyabje Pema Kalsang Rinpoche

translated by Christian A Stewart


‘Illusion of Life and Death’ makes many profound Dzogchen teachings accessible here in English for the first time, presenting us with a complete path to enlightenment. It is a personal testament to the value and effectiveness of the Buddhist teachings and an empowering embrace of our own potential. Written to intrigue and inspire beginners, as well as nourish more experienced practitioners, 'Illusion' is essential reading for anyone interested in awakening to a happier, more enlightened world.


We are pleased to offer the ebook for free download. Anyone wishing to purchase a printed copy can order a copy of Rinpoche’s book directly from us: £10 (plus p&p) Email: info@dzogchentrust.co.uk Alternativly you can order via Amazon Book Depository .

Illusion of Life and Death
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‘Summer in the Lotus Ground’

a film by Chris Stewart

co-directed by Mura Rinpoche



Be transported into the secret and mysterious world of Tibet. Witness the unique cultural and spiritual life of the Tibetan people. Experience the profound sacred atmosphere of Dzogchen Monastery, and discover for yourself the source of true joy and happiness. Come and enjoy a peaceful and meditative 'Summer in the Lotus Ground'!


Please click here to view Summer in the Lotus Ground online




‘Dzogchen Pilgrimage’

a film by Chris Stewart

co-directed by Mura Rinpoche


This unique and visually stunning film begins with the history of the foundation of Dzogchen Monastery in the 17th century, on the instructions of the Fifth Dalai Lama. Together with ancient, profound Buddhist teachings, we gain insight into the sacred places of pilgrimage, and become one with the peace and beauty of the Himalayan mountains. The film guides us onwards through the sacred sites, and so we may aspire to gain blessings for ourselves and others…



Click here to view Dzogchen Pilgrimage online



Now available to buy on DVD 

            £10 (plus p&p)          

To order a copy of  ‘Summer in the Lotus Ground’ ‘Dzogchen Pilgrimage’
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