Dzogchen Monastery Community Trust was set up in 2006 to provide a bridge between Dzogchen Monastery and the international community, supporting the monastery’s extensive Community Aid programme and promoting awareness and understanding of Tibetan Buddhism. DMCT is a not-for-profit organisation run by self-funding volunteers. 100% of all donations goes directly to support our projects:


Under the direction of Mura Rinpoche, the Community Aid programme operates throughout that part of the region (and beyond) and aims to provide basic sustenance as well as environmental, medical and educational facilities for the Tibetan community, including poor monks and nuns.


The Community Aid Programme also supports the Lotus Ground Retreat Centre. The retreat Centre provides accommodation, food, teaching and retreat facilities, and in the summer months the tradition is to hold a major retreat. Hundreds of monks and nuns come from all over the country to attend, together with many Tibetan families, Chinese Buddhists and even some westerners.

Dzachuka is situated in the Tibetan region of Kham in the far northwest of Sichuan province, PR China. The altitude is around 4000m (14,000 feet); sometimes snow falls even in summer. The region of Dzachuka where the Mura Mani school has been built is home to more than 150 families, comprising around 100 girls & boys of school age (8/9 to 13). Children like these never had an opportunity of education before this, as the nearest school was 30km away.


The school building is 616m square & the whole plot of land is 4500m square, securely fenced. There is accommodation for the children & their teachers, & a kitchen; all meals are provided. The curriculum includes study of the Tibetan language, English & Chinese, as well as maths, reading & writing. There is a hall for indoor games, singing & dancing, as well as outdoor activities including football.




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Benefits of Generosity


Practising generosity is beneficial to both the recipient and the giver. The law of cause and effect teaches us that positive karma accumulated through giving will definitely result in future fortune and merit. The teachings on compassion also explain that the only way to find happiness is by helping others. These beliefs form the basis of Mahayana Buddhism.


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